Lindoneia – Sketches III – Mixed media pieces

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Above is the one final composition with Lindoneia. The backgrounds are in pen, ink, pencil, acrylics and other digital and non-digital media.Photoshop and Illustrator added some kicks to the composition. A lot of trial and error procedures later and the artwork came out like this. Like all the Lindoneia series it is a storytelling piece. Below is an intermediate sketch, with thin acrylic brushstrokes. The last piece is the basic line sketch done in 3D modeller then outlined with pencil and ink. 







São Jorge e o dragão / Saint George and the dragon

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São Jorge e o dragão. O guerreiro e a sua luta contra o mal. Nesta composição mantive a pose clássica usada em todas as imagens do santo guerreiro. Troquei a armadura medieval pela romana da época em que aconteceu o episódio da imagem. Comparado com a outra versão anterior diminuí o dragão e comecei a trabalhar os detalhes com elementos em vetor. Neste #7 o exercício foi acrescentar e modificar o máximo possível a composição. Minha pressa foi grande para chegar a apresentar a arte na data de aniversário do santo.

Three pieces on Saint George and the dragon. I tried to show these artworks ready on the 23 of April, day of St George in Brazil, but missed the date. They were ready and I was busy with some compositions for a publication, thinking his day was on the 25th. Sorry. Initially I started the work on 3D  character drawing the horse, armor, dragon and the knight. St George was a Roman soldier or centurion, so contrary to many artworks of saints that were done so far, I kept the Roman looks. I’ve done a couple of St George’s in painting, and had no intention of going back to the traditional media looks digitally. These are formatted 30x30cm prints on a high grade paper. Three studies were completed out of eight.

Compositions / Composições (27/28)

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I used some generative art based elements in the illustrations. Through some some softwares, Illustrator has the feature, this script function is useful in the generation of random images. The layout tends to grow  a little richer with the usage of patterns and multiple elements generated through these scripts.


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Paper Bags (recyclables)

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Here I’ve recycled all the prints from my work. Some A3 and A4 formats from a Xerox printer. Assembled the bag with the handles and painted with acrylics. All bags are no more than 20 cm high. A few are made in colored tracing paper and after assembly I’ve drawn some squiggles and painted with guache. I’ve also recycled newspapers and painted the pictures with acrylics after assembly.

 See the whole series at:

Speed 4

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This is a graphic art test for speed.While experimenting with small cameras and some big pictures in motion, I started looking for pixels and found blurs as a result. Saturated colors and blurred details. Flat and continuous back and foreground. I wanted the vehicles to be a little less identifiable and leave chance to settle a final, more graphic result. Slow shutter speeds and camera movement to enhance the sensation of speed. Tried to reproduce the effect digitally by controlling other variables through software to no satisfying result. Stuck to what-you-will-see-is-what-you-get using an inboard phone camera on a Samsung mobile. Click on the picture twice to see full size.

Speed 2

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This is a passion all right. These are the GP2 class with their 600 cc engines. I used the same image capturing process as in the Speed 4. The image reverberations on the edges are cool. This is digital image capturing on digital projection. Subject, image projection, camera capture and hand movement must be synchronized in one single action.  Once more, I’ve tried for a couple of days to simulate the image capturing results with software. The results were not very convincing and predictable.

Site Update

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Composições, formas, santos, pinturas, gente e outras coisitas no site. Update mandatório e suado devido ao número de peças. São Jorge que já foi apresentado aqui no blog em primeira mão. Composições criadas em vetor, formas em Cinema 4D, e fotos com imagens de ação realizadas através de monitores LED.

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